Carlos Palos. ★★★★★ Sept 21, 2020

I have been a patient of Dr. Lilien for the past 20 years! Dr. Lilien has helped me maintain a healthy body and avoid injury by doing the right stretching regiment throughout the year while playing soccer. Nowadays I’m sticking to Golf that requires a lot of body movement and elasticity, I’m enjoying the sport more now that my body has benefitted from good posture, more flexibility, and a healthier diet. I’m very thankful to have Dr. Lilien as my Chiropractor and I’m looking forward to many happy and healthy years thanks to Dr. Lilien. Best Regards, Carlos Palos


Yash S. ★★★★★ Sept 21, 2020

Dr. Lilien has been helping me with sciatica pain and lower back pain. She is very welcoming and makes realistic and helpful recommendations. I appreciate her attentiveness and flexibility with working with my lifestyle in order to feel better. I highly recommend her for chiropractic care.


Verified Patient ★★★★★ Jan 18, 2019

Dr. Rhonda Lilien came highly referred to me by my family. I had a strained neck from working out for a while and it progressively got worse over the course of a couple of weeks. I knew it was time to get adjusted when I had a headache that lasted for 3 days and no amount of medication, massages, and holistic remedies was working for me. I called & made a same-day appointment with Dr. Rhonda and it has to be the best decision I’ve made! Dr. Lilien greeted me the moment I got there and took such good care of me. She is so friendly and knowledgeable! Her attention to detail and awareness is incomparable to any chiropractor I have ever been to. I walked out of that office feeling amazing!! I haven’t felt this good in a long time and it’s amazing knowing that this is after just one session. Thank you, Rhonda!


L. A. (Verified Patient) ★★★★★ Aug 21, 2018

About eight years ago, I was suffering from neck and back pain, taking way to many pain meds. I was so sick. Finally I was just about ready to give up when I was referred to Dr. Lillian’s chiropractic office. In a matter of a few days, I could sleep at night, shortly after that, I was able to get off ‘all of my pain meds.!’ I have my life back! Thank you so very much Dr. Lillian!


Verified Patient ★★★★★ Apr 29, 2018

Dr. Lilien was recommended to me as an expert in treating TMJ problems, and she did not disappoint! Not only did she eliminate the popping and crackling in my jaw, but she also impressed me with her “bedside manner”: she was fully present at each of my appointments, she began treatment only after gathering all relevant information, she listened attentively to everything I said, she carefully observed my posture and behaviors, and she gave me some excellent suggestions for self-care. I highly recommend her!


B. L. (Verified Patient) ★★★★★ Mar 13, 2018

This was my first time getting chiropractic treatment and it was amazing, she’s very knowledgeable and she makes sure you feel relaxed.


Ruth M.  ★★★★★ Nov 28, 2017

I have been a patient of Dr. Lilien for close to 20 years! She is a caring and experienced chiropractor who always listens attentively, asks specific questions to determine my issue, and relieves the pain while educating and encouraging me. She really partners with me to improve my health, physical and emotional, every time I visit her.

Her office has always been an oasis and her current location is perfect! Next visit is scheduled around lunchtime so I can take some time to enjoy her pond and waterfall following my adjustment! Ahhh….


Stacey B.  ★★★★★ Jun 29, 2016

Dr. Rhonda Lilien is truly the best – an expert in her field! After one treatment I felt immediate relief, and after two treatments I returned to hiking the hills. As a cancer survivor with SI joint, pelvic, back, and neck issues, I’ve been to five different chiropractors over the last four years with inconsistent results. Dr Lilien, as the highly professional practitioner that she is, on the very first visit she completed a thorough evaluation, provided immediate relief through skilled treatment, and designed a specific treatment plan to meet my needs. Her treatments are effective, as my body has responded quickly to her comprehensive hands-on gentle approach. Dr. Lilien is an active listener, full of kindness and compassion, and delivers effective results. I never thought I would be returning to an active lifestyle in such a short amount of time!


S. B. (Verified Patient) ★★★★★ Jun 29, 2016

Dr. Rhonda Lilien is truly the best – an expert in her field!  After one treatment I felt immediate relief, and after two treatments I returned to hiking the hills.  As a cancer survivor with SI joint, pelvic, back, and neck issues, I’ve been to five different chiropractors over the last four years with inconsistent results.  Dr Lili


J. N. (Verified Patient) ★★★★★ May 24, 2016

First time here and definitely not my last.  Dr Lilian was amazing and super attentive to all my needs and questions.  I live in national city and drove all the way up to sorrento Valley area to see her.  It was definitely worth the trip.  She’s definitely very nice and has a warm personality.  I recommend her to anyone with chronic


J. D. (Verified Patient) ★★★★★ May 10, 2016

I originally was one of those skeptical people when it came to chiropractors until I met Dr Lillien. She is an amazing individual who listens attentively, is realistic in her recommendations for managing your lifestyle so that the work she does with you not only helps manage pain and discomfort but allows you to integrate activities


J. W. (Verified Patient) ★★★★★ Mar 21, 2016

I’ve seen Dr. Lilien for over 10 years. She came highly recommended by friends, and I decided to see her to help manage my neck and TMJ pain. As someone who had never seen a chiropractor, the thought of having a stranger crack my spine was a bit terrifying. Dr. Lilien, however, is extremely gentle and I always walk out feeling better, making it easy to develop a level of trust with her. I now look forward to getting adjustments by Dr Lilien. She is consistently kind and always sends me away with exercises and helpful tips to keep my back and neck in check.


Adriana A. ★★★★★ Mar 14, 2016

Dr. Lilien is awesome! I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and she’s been incredibly supportive and helpful. Before Dr. Lilien I had never been to the chiropractor before, mostly because I was doubtful it would help me but I was wrong. My sessions with her have had a huge impact on my improvement and I have been trying to implement all the exercises she recommends (sometimes I forget…sorry Dr. Lilien!). She’s also very flexible with her schedule and she is very invested in the wellness of her patients and that’s the reason I keep going back; she cares.


P. T. (Verified Patient) ★★★★★ Mar 04, 2016

Dr. Lilien is superb. I have been suffering from Back Pain for quite a handful of years, and this was my first time visiting a Chiropractor to address my problems. Dr. Lilien was very welcoming, kind, and most importantly, informative. She walked me through the process, gave me insights as to why my pain arose and what I can do to fix it. And wow, that adjustment felt like I was Cloud 9! Without any hesitation, I could say Dr. Lilien has made my back better and my life a little easier!


Andrew P. ★★★★★ Feb 13, 2016

Dr. Lilien is awesome! I get pain in my lower back at times and instantly feel much better after a visit. I prefer seeing her down in SD rather than anyone else in OC. With her help I feel pain free to enjoy my life. She’s the best!

M. N. (Verified Patient) ★★★★★ Feb 29, 2016

I have consistently received positive, professional, and effective treatment from Dr. Lilien at La Jolla Integrative Health. Both the welcoming office environment and the friendly staff make for pleasant appointments. I highly recommend Dr. Lilien for her knowledge and technique – and I always leave feeling 2 inches taller!


K. M. (Verified Patient) ★★★★★ Aug 27, 2015

I have seen Dr. Lilien many years ago for a twisted neck issue, which she resolved rapidly and efficiently. Recently i twisted my lower back and the pain was severe enough to cause a near visit to the ER. I thankfully remembered Dr. Lilien and gave her a call. Not only did she fit me in on the same day but i was able to walk out of h


M. D. (Verified Patient) ★★★★★ Aug 17, 2015

To Whom it May Concern:I had a severe chronic pain in my left arm, between the biceps and forearm region.  I had been experiencing it for several months before realizing that it was not just another soreness that would eventually go away.  This was a stingy, nerve-like unbearable type of pain that was experienced whenever I tried to pick up anything heavier than ten pounds.  I tried massaging the area at home, then tried a professional massage therapist, until finally explained the issue to doctor Lilien.  Acting on her experience an instinct, she tried the laser light treatment in the area.  The results were almost immediate.  In that same week of the treatment, I was able to pick up my young daughter and lift the tailgate of my truck without experiencing the acute pain that I used to.  Since the first laser light treatment, I scheduled other follow up appointments, and have been exercising with weights to regain the strength in my arm. The pain is reduced to a mere discomfort, at maybe 5% of what it used to be.  I have now full confidence that it is a matter of time until it is just a memory of the past.I can only express gratitude to Rhonda Lilien for pretty much rescuing my ability to use my left arm without any pain.  Thank you for being so good in what you do!Marcelino


R. M. (Verified Patient) ★★★★★ Apr 17, 2015

I totally agree with Jeff’s post. Dr. Lillien is awesome. She does everything Jeff says and more.  I’ve always been afraid of going to a Chiropractor but I wish I had gone to her years ago. I was resigned to having back pain for the rest of my and had given up ever being pain free. Well, I’m almost pain free. With her help I am impro


W. F. (Verified Patient) ★★★★★ Nov 13, 2013

Dr. Lilien has been taking care of my back for over 10 years.  She’s great with her patients and I highly recommend her to anybody looking for chiropractic care.


J. M. (Verified Patient) ★★★★★ Oct 21, 2013

I have gone to Dr. Lilien for years (13 so far) as have my Mom and siblings.  I see her when I need it and she’s always happy to see me, even if it’s 10 months between visits.  She has been able to help me overcome crazy pain when I have hurt myself and has taught me how to prevent future pain, strengthen my muscles and stretch.  She is happy to teach and always makes me feel heavenly after a visit.  I highly recommend her.  I went in there last week with pain that was just unbearable.  She identified the problem and helped work out my hip flexors so the pain completely went away.  Seriously, I am amazed.She’s also really flexible with her schedule and is always able to find a time that works for me.


J. H. (Verified Patient) ★★★★★ Apr 30, 2012

Dr. Lilien is fantastic!  My back pain has gone from most of the time to almost not at all.  Dr. Lilien does a terrific job explaining the procedures and what happens to your back.  She discusses at length things that you have done to cause the pain and what you can do to fix it.  If you follow her advice and exercises that she gives


I. F. (Verified Patient) ★★★★★ Feb 19, 2008

I’ve been going to Dr. Lilien for years. The first chiropractor I tried took a bunch of x-rays and said I had to come in 4 days a week, which is not covered by insurance. Chiropractors like that are rip off artists.I went to Dr. Lilien based on a friend’s recommendation, and she’s kept my back healthy ever since. She is very gentle, the treatments are relaxed, and she is very fun to talk to, which is all part of having good bedside manner. Also, she never tries to sell you anything even though she does have special pillows and supplements available.


Verified Patient ★★★★★ Nov 07, 2019


Verified Patient ★★★★★ Oct 19, 2019

B. P. (Verified Patient) ★★★★★ Aug 25, 2017


Verified Patient ★★★★★ Aug 30, 2016


Verified Patient ★★★★★ Aug 29, 2016


Verified Patient ★★★★★ Aug 13, 2016


S. D. (Verified Patient) ★★★★★ Feb 03, 2016